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Originally Posted by mfilos View Post
Do you think that there are so many CD32 owners out there that would purchase this if existed?
IIRC hundreds required to make a board profitable or at least worth the investment and time.
Yes, I think that there are at least as many CD32 owners as there are A600 owners. Actually, I think there are more, and many people were still able to find brand new CD32's for sale on eBay as recently as last year. Maybe there are not as many users in the EU, as IIRC those new CD32's were NTSC models, not PAL units.

You only have to look at the frenzy that occurs every time a SX32Pro goes up for sale or auction to gauge the interest that any CD32 accelerator would create. Also, the design for the ACA030 for the A1200 is already completed and should be able to be modified to fit the CD32 much more easily than designing a completely new accelerator board, like for the A500. From what I have heard/read, the connector inside the CD32 is very similar to the A1200's trap door edge connector.


I understand you are busy with other projects and concerns and hope that you will start getting the feedback you need regarding the version of the Budgie chips on the A1200's from the buyers of the ACA030/A1200 boards. I hope that you will look into the possibility of doing an ACA030 for the CD32 in the future though.

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