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Originally Posted by alexh View Post
Who's gonna want to quit on a CDTV with no workbench?

The downsides to having a 68010 (lots of demos and games on floppy disk no longer work) out weigh the ability to quit WHDload games and return to the OS.
Valid point considering I've shelled out 70chops on the HxC floppy emulator

I may try this if it frees up some of the memory used by the CDTV only functions:

1 Open the CDTV up, and remove the jumper on JP15, which is near the front centre of the CDTV.
2 Removing this jumper disables the CDTV functions, placing it on the left two or right two pins (it doesn't matter which)
will enable the CDTV functions.
3 Put a SPST switch across the left two or right two pins and this would allow you to disable and enable your CD-ROM.
4 Enabling or disabling the CDTV function should be done with the CDTV power off.

Just to consider costs, where could I find a SCSI to IDE adapter and how much?

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