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In decades to come I wouldn't be surprised if people who are still using old outdated software instead of buying the latest version will be blamed in the same way as pirates today, it's all about big business maximising profits. Governments are in bed with them because in their eyes piracy hurts the economy because they assume every pirated copy is a lost sale.

With regards to the legality Martin Luther King once said:
"Never forget that everything Hitler did in Germany was legal."

I like that quote because it's a reminder that law isn't necessarily the be all and end all that governments would have us believe, just because it is the law doesn't make it ethically right or wrong... UK politicians have in recent years been found to be a bunch of thieving ****s but hardly any of them have been prosecuted because most of what they did was perfectly legal (yet highly unethical).

I always buy software that I like and use a lot, but I also occasionally download something to test it and if I think it isn't worth my money I don't bother. I even saw recently that developers are trying to crack down on the second hand market, so if you buy a product that sucks you'd be stuck with it.

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