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You may just post/upload your code. I`m not sure what`s your target with a "bpm calculator" or what you mean by that. After a short look in OSS ARexx.doc I noticed commands like this:
Command:        SG_GETTEMPO
Result:         Returns the main SPD or BPM tempo.

Command:        SG_GETTEMPOLPB
Result:         Returns the Lines per Beat value (only used in BPM mode).

Command:        SG_GETTEMPOMODE
Result:         Returns the current tempo mode (either 'SPD' or 'BPM').

Command:        SG_GETTEMPOTPL
Result:         Returns the Pulses per Line value (a.k.a. the secondary tempo).
That means you should be able to get BPM by using those commands.
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