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I thought I got it, but none of my 3 different copies of Deadline is an Amiga one!

First pics shows a 1982 folio edition for PCs. This is the one more loaded with extras (a full crime dossier with lots of documentation and pictures). AFAIK It was never released for Amiga in this format:

This is a rather common edition released for C64 licensed by Commodore itself. It shows regularly on e-bay:

And this is the standard greybox edition, again for PC MS-DOS, released when Infocom switched to this format somewhere around mid 80's. Extras were almost the same as in the folio edition, but rearranged in a different way (many of the docs included in the inside booklet known as the "browsie"). If there ever was an original (non-budget) Amiga release, It should be like this and should have either some IM1-C04 or an C04-WD code (perhaps both) depending if it was distributed before or after Infocom was aquired by Activision.

And then there was the Mastertronic budget edition from the early 90's. It had some of the extras in a booklet, which is more than most other Mastertronic Infocom releases had, and is also rather common to find on e-bay. See here.

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