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Piracy killed the games i played :P


Maybe piracy could be labed as bad on the AMiga, and that AMiga fans who say "they were to blame", likewise PC users nowadays could say the same thing.

I don't blame Commodore. They were just trying keep the money going.

But thanks to emulation, the Amiga is STILL alive.. in fact, I believe its the only thing thats keeping it that way, otherwise it would have its life line cut when Gateway got in.

Piracy is like child porn, once the cats out of the bag. people, govements etc can do what ever they like to "try" and enforce stuff.

But, honestly. the damage is already done... Its like trying to shut down the Internet...

Were just all ona loosing streak here, and we can all try and educate people not to do piracy, but in all fairness, take time to make better use of the time you have elsewhere... coz at the end of the day... , people are smart, if they want something, there'll go to any lengths to get there.

Sure, it may stop the casual user these sophticated methods, but thats all..

Whithin weeks some brillant mind will crack it and get it .....
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