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Originally posted by child of Thor
The Sims is almost my 'Computer' nightmare. Reminds me of a couple of Phillip K.Dick novels about pacifiying the masses through virtual expeirences. Shudder. I don't actually like computers much, kind of sinister really. So i vote for everything in real-life, over virtual. Just for our own long-term preservation!
I know what you are saying, and I agree that it is a scary concept. I think The Sims is harmless enough though, kinda akin to Theme Park. But perhaps we will see the 'Sims' idea taken further as technology progresses. The 'life' simulated in a game will surely become more involving and realistic. People will lose years of their lives to virtual reality!

On a less paranoid note , Have you tried any computer strategy games over a LAN setup? It sort of brings the good elements of table top strat to the pc quite nicely(and you don't lose important counters!).
I have dabbled with Masters of Orion 2 and Shogun: Total War. I find LAN play interesting, but still find it falls somewhat short of actually sitting round with other dudes. I have been meaning to play HBMonopoly (Amiga) over the Internet for a while, out of curiosity. Might be annoying though, depending on the opponent(s) - and not even a 'steal money from bank' option!

Well i you know what! In real life it makes sense!( :hoo )
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