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Originally Posted by alexh View Post
Use the expansion port slot?? That way no cutting. You should be able to line up the HxC and mount the joystick ports alongside? Maybe not?
I was hoping to do it that way but wanted to see how much space I need behind the expansion port.

I've now received my floppy drive and deluxe paint III disks. Disk drive works ok so I've pulled it apart to extract the floppy interface, cable, power lead and data cable. These are much smaller than I hoped so it will fit in no problem. I've taken some photos and will post later

It will be a while until The HxC arrives so I'll make a start on the joystick and mouse ports when the rest of the parts arrive soon.

When testing the floppy drive with deluxe paint the available ram was around 800,000 and then around 400,000 when the program was running. I assume this is KB and is chip RAM! As long as I can run A500 games then memory is not much of a concern.
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