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Question Genesis TCP/IP Quick Reconnect Possible?


I would like to know if anyone has found a way to have Genesis do a "Quick Reconnect" on dialup connections.

Miami has this feature which works most of the time but sometimes fails. This feature is useful if your Amiga crashes or needs to be rebooted for some reason.

First, I set up a modem init string so the modem stays connected on reboot. Then I tried to set up a second No Dial interface without success.

I even tried to have the interface do a "ParseIP" and full login script before going online. The last thing I tried was a Static connection using PPP parameters from the initial connection, again no luck. (The initial connection is Dynamic).

Is appp.device brain dead? Did I miss something simple? Thanks in advance for your ideas and solutions.

P.S. I didn't try the DHCP hack from Aminet because it appears to be for SLIP connections.

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