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Originally Posted by mfletcher View Post
I was reading "Freax: The History of the Demoscene" and there was anecdote about how Psygnosis would intentionally leak some of their games before the official release. The leak would be buggy and/or incomplete.

Crackers would crack the game and get distributed. Then Psygnosis would release the correct version. Because there was some unwritten rule that crackers dont re-crack a game, it encouraged people to go out and buy the actual game.

Im just wondering how much truth there was to that anecdote. @Galahad, can you provide any insight?


Its certainly possible it happened with some games, but I would doubt Psygnosis were responsible for it as a lot of their games were not theirs to distribute, they were the publisher for over 70% of the games they released.

Its certainly correct that some titles were leaked, but not directly from software companies.

ADS of Mayhem/Quartex/Fairlight knew someone at one of the Amiga Magazines, and he got a few releases from whichever mag it was.
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