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Flips my mind is going im sure of it! I now realise that Steve Bye sold F1 on and did not shut it down as I previousley thought... I dont know where that idea came from? lol

Forgotten how much time has past

Its amazing too think he basically built up F1 from nothing, made swanky labels and got magazine reviews and then just walked away from it all.

I shall get in touch with the site and see what they say about the disks! I hope they do allow them to be distributed as they might have some gems hidden, like if the games were pre-release or something and have source code. I just need to fish them out now and hope they are ok.

EDIT: Be aware these disks havent got the F1 labels on them, they are the disks written on by the author and then posted to F1 so they could looke them over.

EDIT: I might even have an F1 printed book with the original owners name and address on the back... It is for GRAC, the adventure creator. I think it was one of the very first they sold and I remember them making a big fuss about it and I even got tea and bisquits thrown in

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