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I want an A1000

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Originally Posted by BrooksterMax View Post
As I was a poor teenager that was the only reason I dabbled in piracy in the school playground. I mean 50p per disk (provide your own) for games was the only way to go - no retailer could compete with that Pocket money was only small amounts back then for me.
Same here. Original games were so incredibly expensive (and tagged as 'luxury items') they didn't even bother to import them, it was hard to find them. Even the official Commodore dealers here actually promoted copying, and of course many, many Amigas were sold due to massive availability of cheap game copies.
I recall Lionheart's developers blaming piracy for their decision to abandon the Amiga. I wonder if other developers felt this way. Ultimately, it is obvious that Commodore screwed up. I'm just not sure to what extent.
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