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Originally Posted by kipper2k View Post
Hi Jens,

Is there any way you can reduce the height of the 48 pin socket to allow a little more head clearance. The round pins that protrude between the board and the socket itself adds up when you also add the ECS indivision which also has the same gaps.
Indivision ECS comes with an additional socket mounted to the bottom of the unit. If you remove that, it will still fit in the A603, but you're even lower than with a lower-mounted socket in the A603, so the solution you're suggesting is practically already there.

Further, changing the design would cost quite a bit, and I have a hard time believing that enough units of these will be sold to justify a design change. The current design is known-good, and the units have been sold out since early january. It's now march, but some resellers still have stock, which shows me that the market is almost saturated. That said, this new production run is not too high on my list. It's just something that was added today, as I talked to Alinea to find out what their stock situation is. It'll be a few more months until I really *have* to make new ones I guess.

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