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Following a HxC floppy drive emulator purchase; The upgrades IMO should be :
  1. Kickstart + Extended ROM upgrade
  2. Hard drive interface
  3. Fast RAM
Killer is you need all three for any benefit.

There are no "value for money" CPU upgrades for CDTV.

I suppose the only real benefit for game use would be faster load times.
AFAIK a faster CPU will not affect load times using HxC. The HxC is limted by the maximum data rate of the Floppy disk interface. A faster CPU will only affect the speed of loading via a hard drive interface.

Not worth upgrading Denise chip. You would be able to run one or two ECS demos. Nothing else.

I'm not looking forward to cutting some tidy holes through the CDTV case. I only have building tools and my patience is limited!
What for?? I thought you'd agreed that you don't need to cut the CDTV case?
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