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Originally Posted by Schoenfeld View Post
CD32 may be on the list "much later", but for now, I'd like to sort out the problems that people have with the ACA1230. So far, not a single person got back to me with information about their Budgie chip. If you expect me to do support, you should at least answer my questions. I can't possibly guess from a distance what kind of chips your boards have - work with me!

Further, we have to do a new production run of A603 cards, as they are sold out here, and only available at Alinea for the recommended retail price. This will also take up some time - I doubt that I'll have spare time for a CD32 expansion anytime soon.

Hi Jens,

Is there any way you can reduce the height of the 48 pin socket to allow a little more head clearance. The round pins that protrude between the board and the socket itself adds up when you also add the ECS indivision which also has the same gaps. A cheap adapter could easily be made for those people that wish to keep their floppy drives in if these extra gaps were removed. As it is i can make an adapter with very little clearance so mounting the 48 pin sockets flush with the boards would make this a lot easier.
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