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Originally Posted by amiga_user View Post

What's the progress ?

Also, what will it take for applications like deluxe paint or other similar custom-chips banging apps, to run under aros68k ?
Deluxe Paint 1-3 sort of work (some gadgets look wrong etc..), which is surprising because they don't really work with RTG modes normally.

I haven't tested newer versions, only 1-3 because they used overlay executables and I wanted to add overlay support

Try it with latest winuae beta, it has built-in AROS rom image. Note that WB programs that use undocumented features or other weird things won't work (mainly 2.0+ c:setpatch and c:iprefs) 1.3 stuff works nicely.

Workbench is still not in ROM, AROS WB (Wanderer) is too big and resource heavy. (Note that there is no on-disk WB, C:LoadWB does not load WB from the disk, it only starts ROM WB. workbench.library is not Workbench)
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