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Cancer Research is the largest Cancer Research Charity in the UK. They are looking into research for the cures for Cancer and not actually financing the pharmaceutical companies. The money goes directly to them afaik.

Research itself costs a considerable amount of money and if one day yourself or your family are struck down with this terrible illness I am sure you'd thank these people if they manage to find a cure!

Let's keep this on-topic and surely if it is worth paying for this game then does it matter where the money goes as long as it isn't for criminal intent!

Originally Posted by mr_a500 View Post
Hey thanks! Wow, that was fast. I thought it would take a lot of work to resize/reposition the screens.

About this cancer research donation: I filled out everything to donate, but then I stopped to consider. Where does this money go? Are all these donations going towards non-profit cancer treatments or are they going to finance drugs that will be patented and sold for profit? If for profit (most likely, since there's no non-profit pharmaceutical company I know of) then why do the pharmaceutical companies need private donations to fund their research when they make billions of dollars in profit every year?

I'm all for curing cancer, but I think there's something strange in donating to help one of the most profitable businesses in existence make even more profits.
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