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Originally Posted by daxb View Post
Does that mean you both made 2x2 levels?! How about to put them together for a complete world with some adaptations if necessary and made a public release? Maybe some reaction follows.
I have not checked what world Exl's levels are set in (World 1 I suppose judging from the names), but the second level made by TCD is set in the Fortesque Mansion, so right now it should not be possible to mix everything.

Besides you need to think of the transitions between each level. In other words, if after playing Exl's levels you continue with TCD's levels and are already maxed out TCD's levels would be too easy to play. Although I guess this can be relatively easily "corrected".

Otherwise, you can always count on me for some testing and perhaps some editing work if some designs/ideas are already planned in details (UT2004-related stuff will always take precedence though, so I will probably never be able to invest as much time as TCD did).
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