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Originally Posted by Schoenfeld View Post
Everyone who has trouble with the ACA1230 cards, please check your motherboard for the Budgie revision. It turned out that there's a third version that I don't have in my collection, and that's Rev.1. I only have Rev.0 and Rev.A in my collection, but a customer from DK has sent pictures to Vesalia today that show a Rev.1 Budgie on an Amiga Technologies board (that one production run after the demise of Commodore).

Unfortunately, the board I've had here for repair last weekend was a simple "remove caps" problem, so that's been taken care of. However, now that I learned there's a third Budgie revision, I will have to get hold of such a board, and find out who else has problems that haven't been solved yet. My hope is that all these people (Cammy?) have a Rev.1 Budgie, and I'll find a simple fix to get the accelerators to work reliably.


Any chance that you will be designing an ACA030 accelerator for the CD32 in the near future? Check the high prices people are willing to pay for used SX32Pro boards and you will see just how popular such a new design would be if you will produce one of your current ACA030 A1200 re-designed for the CD32.
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