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Thanks for you excellent advice so far.

I understand the "more memory" thing from upgrading every PC I've ever owned, the benefit is obvious. However on the Amiga I won't be running applications, just games, so if having more of any type of memory will not be a real noticable benefit then as you say it doesn't seem worth it. Its also pretty expensive.

On the ROM front this also now seems to be of little benefit. With no inexpensive way of running WHDload on the CDTV from HDD then it doesn't seem worth the expense. Not much point in running it from a CD if I get the HxC floppy emulator running ok.

I've got a couple more questions:

Are there any worthwhile CPU upgrades (e.g. 68020) that wouldn't cause major incompatibility problems? I suppose the on real benefit for game use would be faster load times.

Would such a CPU upgrade need a ROM upgrade?

Would upgrading the CDTV's denise chip to the ECS version be a worthwhile (albeit cheap) upgrade? Any game benefit?

CDTV project costs so far:

-CDTV, caddy + controller £66 (inc. postage)
-CDTV compliation DVD (for testing purposes) £3
-AV cable and Scart Adapter £2.20
-HxC Floppy Emulator £74 ouch!
-D-Sub sockets and cable £3.34
-40 pin IC sockets £3.50
-Amiga external floppy drive £10 (inc. postage)

Pointless tat bought from eBay:

-Sticker case badges of startup screens from 1.3 and 2.04 kickstart (they just look nice) £7
-Deluxe Paint III boxed £4 (for external floppy drive testing)
-Amiga 500 set of 5 replacement chips (not CPU or Angus) £4.50

Other stuff I already have:

"The Bug" joystick, which was my favourite back in the day

I'm not looking forward to cutting some tidy holes through the CDTV case. I only have building tools and my patience is limited!

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