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I forgot to say, the game needs 1 Meg of chip RAM, so the Minimum needed:
A500+, A600 etc.
but Recommend: A1200 or above for a few extra features.

As promised here are some of the things I've done:-

NEW: Stencil/masking. This allows player and enemies to appear behind foreground objects that I choose, such as fences and trees. This is so to created a sense of 'depth' to the maps. It’s nothing new in other games, but Alien fish finger never had it.
I re-coded my home made Map-editor for me to add this new feature to all 100+ screens of the game. I had to be thoughtful where to put foreground objects. No good the player walking through an area where he cannot see him/herself and then get shot while not being able to see the bullet coming etc.

Click image for larger version

Name:	024.png
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Name:	022.png
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The white areas are the Stencils.

This took a while to do. Status: FINISHED

ADDED more sound FX (still no music sorry). UFO’s now sound very nice.
NEW 2nd fire button option for jump. Option is saved to disc so never have to change it again.
NEW start from Level 4 option.
ADDED 2 extra secret hidden areas, one on Level 1, and one on Level 6. Very tricky to find.
NEW screen on Level 4.

ADDED NTSC support for Mr.A500’s big screen NTSC TV. Status: FINISHED. Just need to put option in menu to choose it.

I’ll post again with other stuff I have already finished soon. Hope you are interested.

:-DJ Cruicky
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