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Originally Posted by DJCruicky View Post
hi Mr.A500, no problem, if you like I can try fix that for you if you like. How much does it get cut off the bottom. Can you still see the score board? I guess you can see more then the 200 lines that you would get with NTSC but not quiet the full 283 lines of PAL?, somewhere in between would you say?
The mission briefings at the start of each level, is that cut off too?, if so could you tell me what line of text you can read up too? thanks
On my 1080 monitor with v-height adjusted, the top score list is cut off halfway through #15 - which isn't too bad, but means I don't see some of the stairways and pits - resulting in my guy occasionally falling and going "uhhh!"

With my A3000 connected to my NTSC TV (whch can only handle NTSC mode), the top score list is cut off halfway through #13. The game runs fine in NTSC mode (as far as I can tell) except the fact that the bottom is cut off. The screen doesn't start at the top, but starts about 30 pixels down. (rough estimate)

Actually, I don't think it's worth it for you to spend time fixing the game for NTSC. It's probably too much trouble with too few people benefiting. Most Amiga gamers (and people emulating) are using PAL. I can always just deal with the occasional falling death when I play in PAL mode. (...and in real life)

I appreciate the thought though.
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