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WOW, thank you for the donations, and all your kind words.

Originally Posted by ElectroBlaster View Post

The game looks smart. Not sure if I have played it or not...
I shall give it a whirl, my kids will defo like this game so I will let them know about it.
Also did you know somebody called Steve Bye? I noticed F1 Licenceware being mentioned on Hall of Light.
thank you, no, I never knew Steve Bye, or any one else at F1 Licenceware, sorry.
Originally Posted by mr_a500 View Post
....It's just a pity that the screens don't work too well on NTSC monitors (in PAL mode). Even with the v-height adjusted, the bottom of the screen is cut off a bit. If only the screens weren't so tall.
hi Mr.A500, no problem, if you like I can try fix that for you if you like. How much does it get cut off the bottom. Can you still see the score board? I guess you can see more then the 200 lines that you would get with NTSC but not quiet the full 256 lines of PAL?, somewhere in between would you say?
The mission briefings at the start of each level, is that cut off too?, if so could you tell me what line of text you can read up too? thanks

Originally Posted by Predseda View Post
I really love AFF, one of the greatest little games. I love all those secret passages, I enjoy the sounds of explosions and the graphic details - swapms, blinkink lights etc. My most favourite enemy is the vehicle that I nicknamed to myself as "battle trousers" - the two legs with a cannon that enemy soldiers are using against you sometimes. Tell me - how many weapon upgrades can I get?
Battle Trousers , yes, I liked them too. I forget how many guns. I too would love to have a sequel too. We can both dream. Thanks for donating + all.

Thanks again


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