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Hmm... I honestly can't speak on this issue from any other angle aside from my own personal perspective, since I was way too young at the time to even comprehend the whole 'business' side of the Amiga, e.g. what was going on with Commodore - and I certainly don't know enough about what games sold and what games didn't sell and how this had an impact on the Amiga etc. etc.

What I will say, and this is probably a sad and naff thing to say, is that if it weren't for piracy, I probably wouldn't have used my Amiga a fraction as much - that's a definite fact. I wasn't of the age at that time where I was earning my own money and had a disposable income, and while it is true to say that a game worth playing is a game worth buying, not all games on the Amiga were worth buying. If I was in the position, in some alternate universe, where I was 22 in 1993 instead of 10, I probably would have had no qualms about shelling out full price for something like Pinball Dreams or Turrican 2 - but I probably would have felt rightly ripped off if I'd paid full price for something like Lombard RAC Rally, for example - luckily if one plays the cracked version, they can see how shit it is and not feel out of pocket.

Finally, look at who, exactly, is keeping the Amigas memory here. Certainly not the men in suits from Ocean, it seems (for example). It's funny, but the people that many accuse of killing the Amiga - the crackers, the sceners, are pretty much the ones that are the most interested in preserving the memory of the Amiga, so I don't believe they ever had the intention of 'killing' the Amiga to begin with.

The fact of the matter is - too many people got away with making shitty software, and the machine, as all machines DO, gradually became outdated to the point where other, arguably more superior machines overtook it. The Amiga COULD have stayed ahead of its time, like it was in the late '80s/early '90s, but the ball was fumbled. That had nothing to do with the crackers or the sceners, that was a business thing which was pretty much out of everybody's hands aside from an elite few.
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