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Virtual vs Reality

For some reason, strategy games on computers have never really appealed to me that much. But give me a board on a big table (or a floor), a few mates, beer, and some cute little cardboard pieces to move around, and I can get into it. Maybe itís a tactile thing, with stacks of units to push around. Maybe itís the lack of an Ďinterfaceí getting in the way. Perchance it is the interaction with the other players, with liberal bending of the rules. Could be the beer. Dunno.

Anyway. This is just one example of something being more enjoyable in non-computerised form (to me personally, I hasten to add - no need to take umbrage, computer strategy fans).

Letís have some more examples of this phenomenon, chaps and chapesses. The comparison need not necessarily be between board games and computer games; anything that can be simulated via silicon is in. A more Ďrealí activity would probably make for a better example than mine, anyway. Like flying a plane, or driving at high speed, or bass fishing, or getting into a fightÖ you get the idea. Pros and cons, if you please. Serious or silly, I donít mind.

And letís have the flipside, too. Examples of things you find preferable when they are computerised. Running around corridors shooting monsters, perhaps.
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