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Hi PZ,

Sorry I missed updates in this thread.

Cosmic is saying that when you add the drive you should choose IDE0 instead of UAE for the SCSI driver, its in the drop down box when you are picking the drive, this way you don't need to edit HDToolBox, the drive will be treated just like a real Amiga would and should show up in HDToolBox just fine

The file system needs to be applied when you are partitioning, if you want an easy life for now you can just stick with the default FFS file system and just keep everything inside the first 4gb of the drive and keep your partitions smaller than 2gb, for example:

DH0 - Workbench = 200mb
DH1 - Work = 1400mb
DH2 - Games = 1700mb

This is a little less than 4gb so should keep you trouble free and for this setup you don't need any special file systems. You can always go back and do the SFS or another file system when you feel more confident, thats what I done

Hope this helps, the more you set these drives up the easier it becomes and before you know it you'll be the expert helping the next guy

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