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Originally Posted by Paul_s View Post
I always felt dirty shoving unbranded game disks in my Amiga's slot (make of that what you will ).
I can't! This is not OT!

I used to pirate basically everything that was digitally distributable. Only when a game was in major discount or delivered for free with a mag did I not pirate.

Not so anymore. I'd want to pass it off as moral value, but it is actually "external pressure". I'm getting really annoyed and a little worried because of all the threats, the big mouthed organizations that sue everyone left and right and the roadblocks built into the software you have to break through before you can safely use a pirated copy and sometimes there are limitations you'll never lift (usually bound to online services).

So I've given up and have turned into a nice little consumer AKA walking wallet on lease. No more pirated stuff for me, I just pay. And through digital distribution channels it is made incredibly easy for me to pay, so I happily do it. But I still look for those discounts
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