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Originally Posted by TheCyberDruid View Post
Did you just say that, for the guys who make the hardware, piracy can mean increased sales (I mean purely, not with a 'snowball' effect ) ? OMG! You think it's even possible that the Amiga survived longer because there was a vivid pirating bunch on the Amiga? Wow
(that wasn't mean ironic, just nice to read someone could put it into words Siggy999 )
hahaha I guess in a way I am :P Overall in the grand scope of things? Who knows, I can only really cite what I had personal experience with.

I used to subscribe to the 'piracy killed the Amiga' idea - but over the years certain things didn't add up for me.
First was that people don't get pirate games for a computer or platform they don't own.
Second was I'd seen personally where a game (pirated or not) displayed on the machine was enough to sell it (the machine).
Third was thinking about the timelines. Many developers carried on after the declaration of bankruptcy by Commodore (the beginning of the end) - so they essentially outlived the machine.
Others like Psygnosis were jumping ship anyways around that time either because of the bankruptcy, or seeing better prospects on other platforms (or both - like Psygnosis).

As far as the whole piracy she-bang went - I think the guy who made Deluxe Galaga was further ahead of the game than most publishers... Make a game that was complete even as a demo version, add more value for the registered version and keep your distribution costs low. I spent the 20 odd bucks on it, and was happy to do so.

If I end up finishing a game for the Ami (or any other machine for that matter) - that would be the road I'd take.

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