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10 years ago I might have just agreed with the piracy causation. On the surface of it, it makes some sense.

That a game pirated is one less sold, thus one less payment to the publisher and developers (of course assuming that one pirated would equal one sold, and not one pirated would equal one '30 bucks? sod off!' - a very valid counter argument) - as a general statement, yeah, it seems logical, and I couldn't fault anyone for still following that line of thought (though I'm no longer among them).

Where (for me) the line blurs on this subject is that a dollar in the publisher/developer pocket, doesn't really mean a dollar in Commodores pocket.

And Commodore were the ones that dropped the ball.

Sure - games sell computers/consoles. By the time I was scraped my last few sheckles together from my megre pay, the first game I 'received' was Shadow of the Beast. Probably the prettiest game made for the ocs/esc Amiga, in a time where the PC had a handfull of colors and made beep-beeps from it's internal speaker... The second game I 'received' was F18-a inteceptor, which at the time gave a pretty smooth 3d game experience (compared to it's rival platforms in that year)...

My brother, a pilot, loved it so much he sold his PC to buy an Ami 500, when he set it up in his place, his 4 housemates bought them the next week.

2 developers didn't get 5 sales that day, but C= sold 5 more units.

Mind you - I didn't see much prettier games than SoB - it was 'up there' as far as how pretty (not how playable - just how nice looking) you possibly could make something... And for the most part the people who were getting games on the sly, were getting them for a machine they already bought, and that watching one of those games has, in fact, sold them more units.

The blurry line - Developers making/losing money doesn't automatically mean Commodore making/losing more money.

Had C= kept up on the arms race (if it were possible), developers would have stayed anyways. When Doom outsold Windows 95, the writing was pretty much on the wall where gamers were going platform wise, and for what, and the 'fleecing' of C= began in earnest.

For the 10+ years I had my Ami, I only ever witnessed 2 commercials for it, one TV, and one on a local radio show using it's speech synth to tell about the local computer store.

Over years of looking back, I think C= is more responsible for screwing themselves than anything else.

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