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Originally Posted by gilgamesh View Post
What i got of this is that the guy says piracy is harmefull but we cannot stop it so let's get the best out of it.

None the less, he would much preffer to not get pirated at all.

For me he is doing wrong when he says that he is for piracy. Or maybe it was just the journalist that wrote the article that made it sound like that..

Edit: look how it starts: "Most video-game developers — along with most musicians, writers, movie producers and virtually every other kind of content creator — see digital piracy as an enemy to be fought with every weapon at their disposal" So even that journalist agrees that that guy is not thinking like the waste majority. I agree , that alone doesn't mean he is wrong, but for me he is.

Edit2: cool makes now over an hour that this post is on top ! guess i definitively got the last word now !

..well, in fact i'm just happy, because i just solved a very hard to track bug on my QON game, i can go happy to bed now and make sweet dreams, gn

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