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My pennies worth....

When the A500 came out there was no internet or anything similar. If you wanted a game for the Amiga then all you had to go on were screen shots in the magazines. You couldn't see anything move to see if it was either silky smooth or jerk-o-vision (and many games suffered from jerk-o-vision ST ports). So I occasionally took a risk and bought the game based on the images and reviews in the mags. Very often I was dissapointed with the game and felt that I had wasted my money.

Enter the crackers....
These geezers came along and provided a service that allowed people to copy and try out the games first before buying the original. Great idea! But, now that I have got a cracked version of the game why should I fork out my hard-earned cash for the original?

Piracy still happens today but for different reasons. If the internet was available when the A500 was around then I don't think that piracy would have been such a problem because you would be able to see a video of the game on YouTube etc. and you wouldn't have to rely so much on (often biased) reviews in the magazines. This would result in much better games being produced as nobody would want a video of their crap game to be viewed YouTube would they?

So back then there was a lot of misleading marketting going on that allowed a software house to release a crap game and it would sell just because the screen shots looked good. This could not happen today with YouTube and similar services available.

So to sum up, I think that the often misleading and biased views of the magazines was a contributing factor towards piracy on the Amiga.

Erm, thats it. Bye!

Kev G.
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