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Originally Posted by gilgamesh View Post
Another theory: Piracy made Amiga flourish.
There were lots of people who had (I don't say owned ) games, that attracted more potential buyers, the platform became popular.

We probably missed some conversions to the Amiga due to piracy, but only after the decline of the platform became obvious.

(It may sound like I endorse piracy which I don't. I'm just playing devil's advocate.)
Ocean Software were of the same opinion. They equated that so long as a machine was available to buy new, people invariably bought software to go with it, and at the rate the Amiga was selling, that was enough for some Software Companies to flourish.

Obviously as less Amigas are sold, so it goes that less original software is sold.

The Amiga was a special case with regard to piracy, which set the trend for future piracy on other machines, namely SPEED!

On the Atari ST scene, a game was cracked when it was cracked.

On the Amiga, several groups were competing to see who could release it the quickest, and then it got a little too organised with some groups having accounts at the actual distributors.... getting the games before even the shops did.

Thats possibly when it started getting a little out of hand!
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