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Lots of talk about piracy here, but not the Amiga. I personally wouldn’t compare the Amiga to today’s games that closely. Even the stinkiest games today are playable and kinda enjoyable (I know I’m gonna get a lot of flak for that). What I mean is, I think all this whining about EA, while having an element of truth, is slightly unjustified.

The difference being this:
Take, I don’t know, Turning Point Fall of Liberty on the PC (a below average game by any standards). If I brought that I would have been pissed mainly because of the price of it, but I would have still played it through. In other words it was technically competent but an utterly bland FPS.

Then take a time where I brought the price equivalent in the Amiga days. My main real life example is Alien storm by US GOLD costing me £25. I felt so disappointed when I loaded it up. The jerky scrolling, the music which sounded like it was written by a two-year old. The horrid ST palette graphics... I could go on. I felt like I had not only been scammed, but mugged for my hard earned cash! It wasn’t competent, it wasn’t fun in the slightest, and it felt utterly unfinished.

(Alien storm is not the worst Amiga game either by a long shot, there are some, like bionic commando that are nearly unplayable!)

At the end of the day, I thought companies like US Gold and Tiertex deserved to have their games pirated (HA HA, I’m evil!)
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