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Originally Posted by Lord Riton View Post
Thats just some wish thinking. Piracy will NEVER help to sell more games, NEVER !
Really, not everyone agrees there:
Now, that's not games, it's Anime, but I believe the concept holds.

I know there were games I bought because I saw/played pirated copies.
Not that I am saying "Piracy is all good." I'm not..

Piracy can result in greater recognition/distribution, which can generate more sales.
There is a percent of people who will pirate and not ever buy, but some of them wouldn't have bought anyway.

Is the amount of "true lost sales" (I pirated this, so I don't need to buy it and I would have) greater or less than the number of people who bought it after seeing it? I don't know. There are studies that show both sides.

That said, "Piracy didn't kill the Amiga."
Yes, there was a lot of piracy on the Amiga.
And the C64.
And the Ataris.
And the PCs.
And even the Macs. I was on a "Mac" ruled campus in the late 80's / early 90's and there was a lot of piracy there too....

What killed the Amiga was what saved the Amiga.


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