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Originally Posted by Lord Riton View Post
The money game companies gain with their games will always help to make the following games better. This are just facts, i don't even understand how anyone can argue against that. Tell me that 1+1 does not give 2, that would be the same.

.. please don't show me exemples now of 1+1 giving not 2
I gave you the example of Leisure Suit Larry already. Don't you think Ultima was pirated? Richard Garriott became rich anyway.

And btw., more money does not always equal to better games.

Originally Posted by Lord Riton View Post
I give up, i don't want to waste my mental power and time on arguing against piracy, you know my point of view, i will re-post on this thread if ever it changed
You want to discuss only if everyone shares your opinion? Oh dear

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