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Originally Posted by cosmicfrog View Post
Just because a developer/publisher earns money of a bit of software dos`t mean that they will put that money back into new software. Generalie they just rehash what they started with and what sells.
Yes, and what does sell ? the games with wich they gained most money.

If a game sells well, they do a sequel, or even more, look at the Ultima games, or Final fantasy, or all the other great series. If the first game wouldn't have bring them enough money, they would probably never had another.

The money game companies gain with their games will always help to make the following games better. This are just facts, i don't even understand how anyone can argue against that. Tell me that 1+1 does not give 2, that would be the same.

.. please don't show me exemples now of 1+1 giving not 2, i mean you know 1+1 in boolean binary means 1 or 1 and is equal to 1 in that case

Originally Posted by Mick View Post
It's impossible to know because it's all theoretical, just because someone pirates a game doesn't mean that they would have otherwise bought it, most of those who pirate are generally the poorest in society and could not afford to buy it even if they wanted to.

Back in the PS1 days I used to tell friends at school all about games I had 'obtained' and a week or so later they would own an original, so in some cases developers do gain more sales because of piracy and word of mouth.

Piracy is also used by a lot of people as a tool similar to game demos, so a certain percentage of pirated downloads will also translate into real purchases that may not have been made without having first tried it.

True, but still many people would not even know a game existed unless they first saw it advertised on TV.

I personally think lower prices would help to reduce piracy and increase sales and they'd probably make similar profits as a result, but £40 seems to have become the accepted norm no matter how poor a game is.
I give up, i don't want to waste my mental power and time on arguing against piracy, you know my point of view, i will re-post on this thread if ever it changed

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