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Originally Posted by zenox98 View Post
Generally people who accept/use pirated software wouldn't have bought the original anyway, so it can't be seen as 'lost sales'. Look at the recent comments from the author of Minecraft.
That is not true, i had great games on the Amiga, like carrier command, starglider II, Lotus turbo esprit challenge II, and more. All pirated games. Some of these i planned to buy befor i got them for "free", and i would have.

Now to say that piracy is alone responsible for Amigas death is wrong too of course, because piracy was not only on the Amiga but as well on PCs or other systems.

What Galahad said, The Amiga AGA computers were just not powerfull enough when they came out, that's the most part of why the Amiga "died".
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