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Amiga Piracy Discussion!

I would like to discuss Piracy on the Amiga and why it was so rife. There is a general opinion that individual users we’re partly responsible for the Amiga’s demise through excessive piracy. I would like to say that, though I feel this is true to an extent, I believe the game and magazine publishers we’re also responsible. I don’t think this is mentioned enough and back in the day it was never reported.
I believe this for a few simple reasons. Games were rushed out on the cheap to meet unrealistic deadlines and had all sorts of misleading advertising (remember backs of boxes or the TV in WHSmiths showing GFX from the arcades with tiny small print reminding you this wasn’t actually the game your we’re buying, in fact nothing near it.)
And on top of this, Magazines that we’re paid by advertisers to give games higher scores than they deserved and to fill half of the issues content with ads.
Click was a video magazine (which I posted on YouTube years back: [ Show youtube player ]). You basically paid £5 for an hour or so of video, half of that taken up with dodgy advertising and the other half taken up by games being given very over generous scores by bad actors (that guy from eastenders and a kid from a 1980’s skittles advert) and complete lying pr!cks like CU Amiga’s Tony Dillon.
Talking from personal experience I was mislead by these crooks, spent huge amounts of money (for someone of that age) and got totally ripped off with shoddy products.
The real shame is this. I did occasionally get some pirated games and genuinely feel guilty about not buying them when they turned out to be great. (ahem - battle Squadron!)
Not that I went looking for pirated games. At school they weren’t really hard to miss, kids we’re practically giving them away for nothing around the school corridors.
In summary I Think that publishers we’re just as much to blame for Piracy as the Pirates we’re if not more so. Your thoughts?
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