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Hey there!

Hi there! Been lurking for a while now, so thought I'd jump right in and post!

My Amiga journey began way back in December 1992 when the 9-year-old me got an A600 (woo!) for Christmas - like anyone of that age I started off primarily playing games, most notably Turrican 2, Lemmings and Megaball, although by the time I was 11/12 curiosity had got the better of me and started exploring the application side of things... programming in AMOS, being nosy and snooping around disks with sector editors, and using Devpac 2 not for its proper purpose of coding assembly but snooping around startup-sequences etc., but most of all writing music in Protracker (I favoured v2.2b) and OctaMED.

My biggest regret is never actually taking the time to learn 68k, but by the time I'd got hold of a manual to learn it, it was 1997, I was 14 or 15, the A500+ I'd swapped my A600 for was on its last legs and as far as the Amiga was concerned it was too late. The PC was in, and in time everybody had one, so it didn't seem half as cool to me as the whole Amiga thing did...

Nevertheless, for the last couple of years I've been using WinUAE quite frequently, and I've been surprised at how much I remember... still knocking up the occasional mod every so often, and still being completely nosy! Hell, you never know, I might just end up fulfilling my dream of learning 68k yet...

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