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Originally Posted by alexh View Post
AFAIR the CDTV is only half ECS. It has the ECS Agnus but not the ECS denise. Very cheap upgrade but I doubt you'd need it.
OK, for now I'll see how it goes with the standard chipset, standard RAM and the HxC floppy emulator.

I posted this on the HxC forum:

"I'm hoping to buy a HxC (SD version) this week providing I can confirm a few points first:

I would like to mount the the HxC inside the CDTV box, so I won't see the LCD screen or be able to push the buttons. My aim would be to operate the HxC just from the CDTV controller (which acts like a normal mouse or joystick).

1) Can I navigate the "Host Control Tool" without a keyboard (all three buttons on the HxC). Can I navigate it from the CDTV's remote controller?

2) What sort of voltage or signal would it take to "operate" any of the three buttons? I am wondering if I could link one of the CDTV controller buttons (via the corresponding point on the CDTV board) to the select button on the HxC."

If I get a favourable answer from this I'll buy one.
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