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I'll ask the developer of the HxC floppy emulator if the interface needs a keyboard or not for navigation.

I'll mount the floppy emulator inside the CDTV. I'll make a little slot for the SD card at the back. At the least I'd like to create an external button, accessible from the front of the machine. It would be even better if I could take a switch "signal" from a point inside the machine that has been triggered by a press of a button on the remote. I'm assuming that a remote button press would trigger some voltage within the machine that could possibly activate/deactivate a swtich. I suppose its worth a try.

So far this is going well, thanks. However, I'm afraid I've got some more questions:

What type of RAM upgrade do I need to make "more" Amiga games work? Fast RAM, Chip RAM, both?

What chipset does the CDTV have OCS or ECS? Do newer (pre-AGA) games require the ECS chipset?


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