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Hi guys, & thanx fitzsteve for the caddy
thank you in advance for showing patience with a newb - but I am little confused here.
I have a 2.5 inch hdd that was given me a while ago. it has workbench and some apps pre-installed. I am trying to connect it to my laptop to put my registered copy of WHDLoad on, and my games collection.
I am using windows 7 64 bit & a Pluscom ide to USB Hdd caddy.
At first i couldn't detect the HDD - widows was telling me it was a CD drive.
I have managed to find the drive using Disk manager but it will not open the drive without me formatting it first. This i don't want to do as it will wipe it.
I know I am missing something very basic here so if there is a wiki page on this or something please slap me in that direction.
other than that would it just be easier to use a flash card in the side of the miggy to transfer files across to the drive once its installed?
Finally will the miggy pick the drive up on boot?
Thanks for all your help
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