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Everyone who has trouble with the ACA1230 cards, please check your motherboard for the Budgie revision. It turned out that there's a third version that I don't have in my collection, and that's Rev.1. I only have Rev.0 and Rev.A in my collection, but a customer from DK has sent pictures to Vesalia today that show a Rev.1 Budgie on an Amiga Technologies board (that one production run after the demise of Commodore).

Unfortunately, the board I've had here for repair last weekend was a simple "remove caps" problem, so that's been taken care of. However, now that I learned there's a third Budgie revision, I will have to get hold of such a board, and find out who else has problems that haven't been solved yet. My hope is that all these people (Cammy?) have a Rev.1 Budgie, and I'll find a simple fix to get the accelerators to work reliably.

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