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Hello from down under....


Long time viewer, first time caller...

Im a gamer at heart, been so since 1990, got my Amiga around ’91, first proper PC in ’98 and now Ive slipped backwards a little (or maybe its forwards) by selling my desktop PC, relying on the work laptop and a Playstation 3 to satisfy my gaming and connectivity needs.

Regarding Amigas, I only ever owned two during their heyday, an Amiga 500 Plus (which was upgraded over the years to a kickass 030 CPU @ 40mhz, 10MB RAM) and an Amiga CD32. I no longer have any Amiga hardware as it all died or sold off, but I do have a large collection of Amiga ADF files to run via WinUAE/LemonADE.

I was an active member of Amiga Auckland (large Amiga users group) as well as running a popular BBS (on Maxs BBS 1.52 as Syndicate X, then rebranded to Amiga Unlimited on Maxs 1.54) for a few years until the
internet became more accessible.

A few years ago, I found my original 120mb SCSI drive that the BBS ran on - got hold of a SCSI PCI card, threw it into a PC with WinUAE, and to my shock it booted up with no problems at all So Ive now got my old BBS files etc and would LOVE to get it running on WinUAE so people could connect via telnet...but not sure if this can be done via WinUAE

May have to go find a proper Amiga

I miss the BBS scene.....

Anyway, will see you around
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