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Originally Posted by CDTV1991 View Post
It does seem that the HxC floppy emulator does seem the best way to go. It is £70 from eBay.
CDTV has no internal floppy drive connector or power. Not ideal for use with HxC floppy emulator. You will need to buy an external floppy disk drive (any for Amiga will do, £10 off ebay) and replace the internal drive with the HxC floppy emulator.

Originally Posted by CDTV1991 View Post
I assume I need a RAM upgrade.
Not with the floppy emulator. Nor will you require upgraded ROMs. AFAIK, booting from floppy drive disables the CD-ROM drive and releases the RAM it would use. The CDTV's KS1.3 and 1Mbyte Chip RAM will be enough for most floppy games.

Originally Posted by CDTV1991 View Post
The Mini Megi 1MB chip mem upgrade is £62 from Vesalia.
If you get one, make sure it is the PAL version.

Would such a set up be able to run all non-AGA Amiga games?
No. Some titles require fast RAM and the MiniMega chip only gives you 2Mbyte chip RAM.
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