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Thanks to everyone giving some really good advice so far. However there's also a few misleading responses.

I now understand that in general WHDload titles can't from an unmodified CDTV. I'll take this as fact and accept that I will have to modify my CDTV.

I also understand that the Lennon Lives "AMIGA CD32 Games Compilation Toolkit" will not be suitable as it requires an AGA machine, therefore there's no point in looking at it further.

Also the Gibs "Tiny Launcher" is not available, therefore there's no point in looking at this further (until its available)

So the next question is can I run WHDload games from a CD? (providing my CDTV is modified to include the Extended EPROMs + Kickstart EPROM (to give a dual KS1.3/3.1) and a RAM upgrade).

I'm ruling an internal HDD out You can add a hard drive to and ruling out
a floppy drive emulator for now as I'd like to keep it all in one box.

Thanks so far all!

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