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AFAIK you are not going to be able to run WHDload titles from an unmodified CDTV.

It has KS1.3 (WHDload requires 2.0+) and has only 1Mbyte of RAM of which some is eaten by the CD-ROM driver & WHDLoad core.

Absolute minimum you are going to need is to upgrade the Extended EPROMs (so you can use a higher version of KS than 1.3) and the Kickstart EPROM (perhaps to a dual KS1.3/3.1) to use WHDload at all. This will be cheap, perhaps £20 for the three chips programmed.

Then you'll probably need a RAM upgrade (which are not cheap for CDTV, £70-£100) to be able to run the majority of titles.

You can add a hard drive to CDTV for maximum flexibility, but again not cheap. £80 for a CFIDECP + CF card or £100+ for a Vulcan SCSI controller + SCSI drive.

You could *possibly* create a bootable CD with some HDloaders which do run on KS1.3 (see the JST thing above) but finding such titles will be a feat in itself.

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