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Originally Posted by Amigajay View Post
Not off hand, but i remember it in the amiga news at the time, it was basically the same game rebranded to tie in with the Ryder Cup competition that year, if you check the old amiga magazine scans it should be mentioned in there somewhere around that time, i know Nick Faldos was the better game anyway!

And 'Experiment T' that copy has already been dumped, we are after the solo release of Oscar NTSC or PAL.

'brolly' Thomas came in a big box with a 'cd32' sticker on it, so more than likely the manual was loose and the disc came in a jewel case with no cover....i hated when they done that grr!
I am pretty sure I have the solo release of Oscar (NTSC I think) around here some where. It has been ages since I fired up my CD32.

What exactly is your definition of "dumped"? Create an ISO file of the CD, or some other method of copying all the files?
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