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Thanks. I'll check those links out now.

Originally Posted by Dreedo View Post
WHDLOAD is basically a method that lets you boot games from your HDD, a lot of games on the Amiga only supported booting from floppy disks. WHDLOAD games are also often patched to fix bugs in the original games, i believe a few improve gameplay on some games.

However most WHDLOAD games require more power than their floppy counterparts.
So WHDLOAD allows non-HD games (floppy only games) to boot from a HDD. So if the CDTV does not have a HDD I'd need to try and run them from a CD.

What do you mean by requiring more "power" than their floppy counterparts, do you mean CPU or RAM or both?


Originally Posted by DonAmiga View Post
you show be able to run A500 game, any amiga external disk drive will do, you can make a CD compilation Here's a cool launcher, by gibs,
If you've not got any games you could get a couple from

That Tiny Launcher by gibs would the be perfect answer, providing it was editable to add games to the list. Shame it isn't available for download or purchase. Its got to be worth that guy finishing that and selling it. I'd pay a decent sum for it.

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