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Question Help me with my possibly unrealistic CDTV plans

I have a CDTV with a standard remote control. The motherboard version is 2.2.1. No keyboard, mouse or floppy drive.

I'd like to run Amiga 500 compatible games on the CDTV but not from floppies.

1) Firstly, even to run most Amiga 500 games from a floppy drive would I need to expand the CDTV? i.e. Memory, ROMs etc?

2) Is it possible, by whatever hack/coding is necessary to run Amiga 500 games direct from a CD or possibly a specially created compilation CD?

3) Alternatively, could I run ADF files from some sort of HDD or flash card? Is this what that WHDload thing is?

I've done a fair bit of searching on the CDTV, but before I spend any more time and possibly money I'd just like to know that these are feasible.

If not then I stick with WinUAE and keep the CDTV as a cool retro-ornament under our main TV. I don't fancy getting an A1200 as I like the whole entertainment appliance concept of the CDTV.

I would consider turning it into a capable "normal" amiga to be able to achieve point 3), even if it means losing the CD-ROM drive capability.

Thanks in advance


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